Tithing - the financial disaster of Christians? - kindle ebook by Oliver John

Tithing-the financial disaster of Christians? looks at the subject of
tithing in a way that has never been covered by other books, by
examining texts on tithing, both from the New and the Old Testament
Bible, as well as, examining other practical and sensible examples. In 
addition, the book uses other Old Testament obligatory instances to
buttress the point further on why tithing is no longer needed in the
present time.

The lack of understanding about tithing does not

only create confusion and guilt, it can also lead to financial

disaster among many Christians. Addressing many of the

issues surrounding tithing could help to prevent yet another

scandal within the Christian Church. Many are still recovering

from the shocks of the recent revelation of child abuse in some

segments of the Church. Next time, the focus could shift to

financial recklessness and lack of accountability within some

Christian groups. Please read on as this book has a message for

everyone, whether you are a Christian, a pastor or even a non-