Through the Fire - Kindle Ebook by Patricia A. Saunders

Through the Fire by Patricia A. Saunders is a compilation of poems that makes you read it in one sitting because she doesn't hide back anything. Love, Lust, Adultery, Death, Grief, Faith, and more. You
ride the rollercoaster of life with her and will laugh, cry, and call your love one to say I love you.

She writes about loves gone bad, learning from those experiences and learning to love herself first. There is a little erotic piece called "This Toe" that is a favorite of other readers. Another called "Cleaning House" when you clean out all negativity and are ready for new opportunities.

Being self employed, having it all , living in a gated community to
almost being homeless with no place to go, and the change in her
deceased Mother's wallet to purchase something to eat tested her faith
and she writes about the feelings, emotions, and the feeling of
betrayal from those who loved her most.

The book covers tributes to her Mother, Civil Rights Movement, 9/11
and the late Oscar Grant.

People asked her why she decided to write now and she explains that
she always wrote poetry since a child but with the passing of her
Mother who had Alzheimer's fear that it could be her next. She is
letting the words flow!

She has made it Through the Fire.