DOG WATER FREE – Kindle eBook by Michael Jay

For readers of Frank McCourt, Jeanette Walls, and Mitch Albom who are
fans of Angela's Ashes, The Glass Castle and Tuesdays With Morrie,
comes a memoir of consequence by debut author Michael Jay.

"DOG WATER FREE is engaging, interesting, funny, sad, and uplifting
all at once."

"A ripping good coming-of-age read."

"Beautifully written. Gorgeously executed. The writing and editing are

"…A triumphant narrative of curiosity, determination luck and love. Savor it."

Mikee is 11 when his world turns upside down as his mother shares news
from her doctor.

Now, standing alone on a funeral home landing, he is shaking like some
lame little imp is dancing a jig atop a grave that's somewhere in his
own future.

His dad is dead. His puppy has been put down and buried. And tonight
his mom is lying lifeless on a heavy steel gurney in a dark lonesome
recess of the basement below.

With all that he's feeling, he wouldn't be a bit surprised if he woke
up dead tomorrow too.

Might as well join the party, he figures.


He's ready.

He thinks.

He can't stop obsessing.

You do wake up after you die, don't ya?

Jesus, Mikee.

Settle, already.

46 Five-Star Reviews have made this remarkable debut a Top-Rated Best
on Amazon for Family Relationships and Motherhood.

Enjoy an excerpt and find out why.

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