Flirting Like Wildfire: 50 Hot "Done For You" Conversations That Lead To Sex - kindle ebook by Scot McKay

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There are lots of books on how to flirt, but here's the first book ever on how to make sure you say exactly the right words when things get "hot and heavy".   This #1 bestseller from well-known dating coach Scot McKay is as entertaining and hilarious as it is jam-packed with valuable tactical advice.  Men, take away all that you can from this quick, easy read and never "talk yourself out of the bedroom" ever again.  Ladies, even though it's a book for men go ahead and give it a look and see what you think.

Remember, this is NOT another book of pickup lines for "breaking the ice" with women.  Rather, this is all about melting that ice and heating it up until it's STEAMY.  While it's crazy (if not downright weird) to think the author could present so many two-way conversations that are "done for you" as advertised, he claims that years of personal experience and consultation with others have indeed uncovered some CLEAR patterns to human sexual conversation.

Ultimately, however, be sure to have some fun with this lightweight, refreshing book.  That's really the whole idea.