Remnants the Corporate Chronicles - kindle ebook by Lilliana Deeters

The urban sprawl of the New Seattle streets is a cold dark and
unforgiving place, definitely not the place you would expect to find a
young elf girl. However, Raven Destiny is no ordinary elf girl!
She's an expert mercenary weapons specialist who sells her talents to
the highest bidder in hopes to land a big job one that will not only
pay for her to live in her tiny rat-hole apartment for another day as
well as leave her enough to buy equipment, but also one that will
eventually get her the contacts she needs to unlock the mystery that
is her own life. Raven has no memory of who she is, why she has the
skills she does or anything before she woke up in Seattle General
hospital. Even her name is something she made up on the spot.

Raven walks a razor's edge in the cyberpunk dystopian world of 2060
filled with huge city wide biker gangs, genetic mutations and
experiments left to rot in the darkest corners of the streets,
privatized military and security forces enforcing the laws of the
private citizens with the most money and backing to make them, lethal
criminal syndicates and an entire empire of Multi-billion credit Mega
Corporation conglomerates backing the bills and covering up the mess.
Government is owned by the man with the biggest bank account, and the
police have been bought and sold as much as any other product. Raven
and her rag-tag team of mercenaries but dive into cesspool of
Corporate bureaucracy and criminal syndicates to unravel the mystery
of her life which just might be more deeply tied to the biggest cover
up ever conceived.