Great Falls - an action/adventure by John Lopas

An accident sends Dakota to the past; a modern gadget threatens his
future. Great Falls National Park, Virginia: Dakota Wesley drops his
kayak into the river's shallow edge. Below him the waterfalls roar in a
maelstrom of nature's fury. Shaking off last-second jitters, he peels
out into the Potomac's chilly waters, the fast current sweeping his boat
downstream and into the realm of no turning back...chasing the big
whitewater thrill. But then something goes terribly wrong. When he comes
to, Dakota finds that his modern surroundings have vanished. Instead, he
discovers the Virginia landscape of an era long past-nearly 150 years
earlier-a time torn by civil war. In order to survive, he joins another
man's desperate plight, and together they fend off starvation, foraging
parties, and locals who question Dakota's identity. Desperate to return
to his future, Dakota finds hope in the form of a modern gadget, one
that can change his fortunes. But it may also lead to his demise...
Expertly weaving a passion for the great outdoors with historical
events, Great Falls is a unique and compelling new novel of unexpected
journeys and chance encounters.