The field of Blackbirds - kindle ebook by Thomas Ryan

When Arben Shala disappears in Eastern Europe, Jeff Bradley promising
Arben's wife he will find her husband and bring him home travels to
the UN administered Serbian province of Kosovo. With help from
American Morgan Delaney, Barry Briggs an Australian working with the
UN and the enigmatic Lee Caldwell an agent for the world's largest
private security firm, Jeff uncovers a criminal conspiracy responsible
for a series of bombings across Europe. Ignoring death threats Jeff
and Morgan dig deeper and when the shocking truth behind Arben's
disappearance is finally uncovered it sets in motion a chain of events
that brings Kosovo to the brink of civil war and NATO troops onto the
streets of Kosovo's major cities.

'The Field of Blackbirds by Thomas Ryan is a gripping, fast paced
thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, as you continue
to flip through the pages of the novel, unable to stop your need to
know what is going to happen next. Set mostly within the volatile
borders of Kosovo, the action and danger is believable and written in
a knowledgeable way. With the help of the beautiful Morgan, Jeff must
give it everything he's got if he wants to find out what happened to
Arben and make it out of Kosovo alive.
This book is great at interweaving international agencies and real
life situations into the fabric of the story, creating an unnerving
tale that bounces off of the pages as if you were right there running
along the streets with Jeff and Morgan. Ryan does an excellent job
describing the settings, and all of the characters are intricately
developed, so that you are rooting for the heroes, and begging for the
villains to receive the punishments they deserve. The Field of
Blackbirds is an action packed thriller that you won't want to put

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