Heir to Power - a science fiction adventure by Michele Poague


What happens when a backward village discovers they hold an object of
unimaginable power, a power other men covet, a power that might save
or forever damn the human race?

An epic science adventure begins!

The Healing Crystal, Book One, Heir to Power, introduces us to a
unique, yet somehow familiar, group of people who have been protecting
a valuable crystal object for hundreds of years. Soon, their idyllic
existence is threatened when outsiders learn of the relic and will
kill to get it.

At some point in the book we become aware of the setting of the story,
and with an intake of breath, we realize that the location is close to
us and profound in its symbolism.

This is a well-researched, future-history-post-apocalyptic story made
real by intensely likeable characters and dialogue.

The story of The Healing Crystal continues with Book Two, Fall of
Eden, and concludes with Book Three, Ransom.