How High Should I Jump - kindle ebook by R. Milton Quibner

For a completely refreshing -and sometimes shocking- alternative
perspective on male/female relationships, there is only one book you
should read:

How High Should I Jump is an absurdly-provocative book written for men
suffering from their woman's infidelity. Quibner suggests that there
are only a select few men, called Objects or Winners, who Today's
Woman is actively seeking for sexual adventure. This small group of
Achievers have no problems finding bedmates, but what of the vast
majority of the men who do not measure up to the standards of the
Winner? Quibner urges these men, his readers, to take a different
course, a more practical and ultimately rewarding journey to become
Real Men and Good Partners to Today's Sexually Independent Women.

Quibner believes women must be freed find their own paths in life;
that it's Woman's time now and she must not be bogged down by a man's
jealousies, fears or insecurities and should determine for herself how
and with whom she wants to explore the world before her. This
remarkable attitude challenges long-held assumptions, particularly the
idea that a relationship cannot survive on unequal terms; Quibner
shatters this concept, noting Woman's ability to take multiple lovers
and her innate skill at making decisions.

In short, if you have a problem with women, ANY problem, Quibner will
both mock you for being a wimp, and offer some powerful advice, advice
that may come, however, with a little sting. Quibner both tears you
down then builds you right back up, in a funny, profound and
ultimately humorous look at the age-old Clash between the Sexes.