Knocking on the Devil's Door - Kindle ebook by Tashara J. Childs

As their seventh year anniversary approaches Warren and Rayna Jamison discover secrets, lies, and the possibility of an illegitimate child. How did this charming Southern Belle and drug dealer turned architect go from the honeymoon phase to threatening to file divorce papers?

Rayna's looks are captivating and her charismatic personality win over everyone she encounters. Even with all of these endearing traits, she cannot keep her husband’s attention. Warren loves his wife, but hates her callous attitude towards him and their marriage. His feelings of rejection lead Warren to search for affection outside of his home. Warren’s philandering ways further stretch the rift in their crumbling marriage.

After packing suitcase after suitcase, puncturing a windshield, breaking a back window, and suffering from a public nervous breakdown, the couple attempt to reconcile. Warren is faced with choosing between believing the numerous empty promises from his wife or moving forward to a career opportunity states away from their home in North Carolina.

This couple has spent years building their relationship on resentment, materialism, secrets and lies. All of these elements, plus the accelerant of the pending paternity case, ignite a flame massive enough to incinerate their relationship. Will a separation stretch them too thin or will it be the saving grace for their failing marriage?