The Hidden Auditorium - Kindle ebook by Rosanne Dingli

Bryn Awbrey is not the first person Nic contacts about a mysterious pendant that's suddenly foisted on him. He's given a professor's name, but he's not available. His beautiful wife seems incredibly helpful, in her crushing loneliness, and a bit of a distraction, but the pendant means money. So turning to Awbrey, an eccentric Welshman living in Venice, is not only necessary, but sane and sensible.
Another woman keeps getting in the way, and she makes Nic uncomfortable, annoyed, and ultimately, threatened. The pendant is a dangerous possession, whether it solves the mystery surrounding a famous composer's death or not. Music, history, money, death and danger spin in Nic's head until a pickaxe - of all things - unlocks the solution to everything.
The Hidden Auditorium is a romantic mystery about a brilliant historic period, in an entrancing location.