The Peacekeeper's Photograph, A Master Sergeant Harper mystery - Kindle ebook by M.L. Doyle

M. L. Doyle spent nine months on the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia in
1997. After that life changing experience, she knew she had to write
about it. The Peacekeeper's Photograph is the book that finally came
of that experience and the beginning of a three book mystery series.

Bosnia and the soldiers who worked to ensure peace there, are central
figures in this fast-paced mystery/thriller. You can listen to M. L.
Doyle talk about the book during her interview on the Baltimore NPR
station, WYPR's The Signal with Aaron Henkin.

The NATO mission in Bosnia is to broker peace between warring factions
and help restore a devastated county.
It's a mission the world is watching.
But when Master Sergeant Lauren Harper makes a gruesome discovery, she
has a new mission. Saving herself.
Harper, a career soldier, is innocent of the crime, but she's guilty
of a lot of other things, like inappropriate feelings for her
commanding officer, Colonel Neil McCallen and failing to lead a
soldier who needed her help.
To get out of the mess she's in, Harper must employ all of her wits
and the help of an unexpected friend from across the pond, Sergeant
Major Harry Fogg.
Her mistakes land Harper in the worst trouble she's ever faced. She is
forced to choose. Save herself and risk the lives of others, or stay,
and face a life of degradation and slavery.
Check out the breakout novel in the fast paced Master Sergeant Harper
mystery series. Also, look for the compaion short, CANCELED PLANS and
book two in the series, THE SAPPER'S PLOT.