Twenty Two - Kindle ebook by Adam Meyers

When Sam was 13 he experienced with great despair the separation of
his parents. His teenage years went by and seven years later he is 22
when a strange man in a suit comes to his door and tells him that his
father is dead. Broken up by the news his brother and his mother agree
to fly out to Chicago for the funeral.

What they find there will shake them to their core.

Sam travel's the streets of Chicago, New York City and Paris and on
his way encounters strange characters that all have something to share
about what it is to be Twenty Two and alive. On a journey of self
discovery Sam learns things about himself that he wished he did and
didn't know. If you loved "On the Road" and "The Sun Also Rises" you
will love Twenty Two. A story of growth, guilt, glamour and regret
Twenty Two will reveal to you something about the world and something
about yourself.