The Undying Love - kindle ebook by Greg McCabe

My name is Greg McCabe and I wrote a zombie novel.

It's my first book, I worked on it for over four years, and I'm quite
proud of it. While it's technically categorized as a 'horror' book, I
like to think of it as an epic romance story set to the backdrop of
the zombie apocalypse. The first few chapters are directly inspired by
my wife and I's own personal love story, but then the story is rapidly
consumed by zombie mayhem and searing post-apocalyptic drama.

The zombies in my story are pretty standard: the living dead whose
only concern is feasting on the flesh of the living. However, I feel
the love story between the two main characters is what sets my book
apart from others in the same genre. I liked the idea of trying to
create an apocalyptic scenario where the main characters are fighting
for each other's lives just as much as their own.

My goal is to have the reader walk away from this book feeling a wide
array of emotions, as well as having a pretty good idea of what their
survival plan would be if the zombie apocalypse were to happen today.

I hope you enjoy.

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