74 Lakeview Avenue- kindle ebook by Barb McIntyre

74 Lakeview Avenue was the first book I actually finished. The
original title was Behind Closed Doors but I changed it because there
were already so many books published with that title. A friend told me
that a writer's first book is always autobiographical and I wonder if
I should worry about that because this book tells the stories of so
many very different women. About half of the book was written in one
year but the rest took another five. Writing this book taught me that
characters don't always do what you want them to. Some of the things
these people said and did surprised even me. At first I didn't like
the idea that someone would spy on their neighbors, and I tried to
find a way to tie the stories together without it, but by the end it
just seemed right.

From the official OnlineBookClub.org review by sbanks147

"Each character sounds unique and is very easy to connect to in each
story, as the author knows how to get the reader to sympathize with
each character. The whole book was well put together and the ending is
great, and really makes it seem like the end of the book is real and
the man who owns the apartment is real."

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