Human Trafficking: A Real Life Point of View of Sex Slavery in Thailand from the Front Lines - a non-fiction short story by Abraham Falls

A riveting, tear jerking true story about the dark injustice's that
are taking place in this day and age.

Human Trafficking is currently the number one human rights violations
in the world, especially sex slavery. Approximately 27 million adults
and 13 million children are being trafficked right now, and roughly
80% is for sexual exploitation.

As an eleven year old boy my life was dramatically changed as my
family made the bold decision to leave everything we've ever known and
move too Thailand. We went to help establish an orphanage for children
with HIV/AIDS, but while we were there our eyes were opened to the
horrific, yet very real, world of human trafficking. This book shares
real, personal, first hand stories of what i saw and experienced
through the three and a half years i lived there, as well as detailed
information about the statistical side of human trafficking.

So sit back, relax, and prepare to have your eyes opened. Though i
must warn you, once you've been informed "you may choose to look the
other way but you can never say again that you did not know" - William