Cairo - kindle book by Victoria Pitts Caine

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An unexpected call sends Liz McCran to Cairo. Her friends have been
kidnapped. Rayhan, the handsome assistant to the Ambassador of the
American Embassy, agrees to help in her quest.

While they solve riddles and investigate the clues, they become
entangled in ancient mythology, intrigue and modern-day kidnapping
which sends them on an unbelievable journey.

Can love withstand an inevitable collision of cultures and customs? Or
will it end at the hands of a madman?

Keep the fast pace but lose the nasty apostasy of "The DaVinci Code",
add a double portion of romance, spice with many exotic Egyptian
details and Voila! you've got the recipe for "Cairo." The characters
are nicely drawn, each with his or her own distinctive voice.
Pitts-Caine seamlessly wove together a love story beset with cultural
collisions and a spine-tingling adventure full of unexpected twists
and turns. This book deserves more than a five star rating. "Cairo" is
absolutely I-can't-put-it-down wonderful!

You find yourself wanting to skip to the end just to find out if the
main characters find each other and live happily ever after.