Here in the Hereafter - kindle ebook by Barb McIntyre

Letting a thinking (a resident of the hereafter) tell a visiting being
about the joys and frustrations of his job (that of what many call a
guardian angel), his rewards, and how the differences in the afterlife
depend on what you did while alive left a lot of flexibility for short
and long stories of interventions in people's lives. Most end well but
I had to have at least one that ended badly so that the thinking could
vent.The cover shows the skies in the different sections of the
hereafter. A sliver of clear summer sky for those who have behaved
exceptionally well while alive, and a dark winter night starless sky
for those who have behaved very badly.

From the official review by sbanks147

"The author did a really good job with working up the suspense in
each story to keep the reader interested, and usually came through
with an interesting ending for many of them. It is definitely an
interesting, unique book."

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