Cold as a Wedge - Kindle ebook by K.H. Miller

Cold as a Wedge draws you right into 1978 Southaven, a small town on the outskirts of Philadelphia. It’s a time before DNA and flashy technology. A time when cops were cops and “mostly” adhering to proper protocol was considered the norm. Detective J.D. Reiter is sharp, wise cracking and often abrasive but he’s good, and he knows it. He relies on observation, experience and gusto to break the case. When he is summoned from bed in the middle of the night, he isn’t expecting to find the body of a teenage girl face down in the creek. To muddy the waters further, the detectives are hard pressed to find anyone with a reason to kill the pretty and popular young lady. This only puts more pressure on Southaven’s finest when Kit Kelly, a vivacious reporter continually hounds the detectives for updates on the high profile homicide. As J.D. and his best friend and partner Rick McKendrick dig a little deeper, they start getting a sense of something secretive brewing beneath the soft suburban tone. While constantly mulling over the case, J.D. strives to balance his complicated personal life and his duty to protect and serve in this witty and colorful tale of deception and immorality. Small town charm mingles smoothly with a classic 70’s vibe as J.D. and Rick use tricks and traps to figure out who killed the attractive teen with the spotless reputation.