Lacie and The Goose - Kindle ebook by Janice Allyn Parrott

I initially started writing this book as a companion for a doll.  The doll came first and then the story!  The simple story then morphed into a book, which will eventually become 4 books.  The second book, which is mostly about Sandie is in the editing stages.  The third book is still being written.  I have made most of the dolls of the characters in the story.  The dolls sit and watch me write and at times I do talk to them :) and no they do not actually talk back.  I do not know of any child who does not talk to their dolls, and mine give me much inspiration.

This story in very near and dear to me as my "mountain" is now loosing much of it's grace through building and mining.  To me, the "mountain" is the most special place in the world and these characters are part of that world.  
Lacie is a sweet wonderful girl with a huge heart.  The book tells of friendship and doing perhaps the wrong thing for the right reasons.  Children do not always do the right things, but sometime their hearts are true.  I think children can learn much about the world of the Helderberg Mountains,and at the same time be entertained with characters they can relate to.  The characters are not perfect, they have tempers, they disobey, but they are also fiercely loyal to one another.  

This first book is a very simple story of helping a creature that cannot help itself, and the consequences of doing something slightly reckless.  

Thank you and I hope you enjoy Lacie and her friends.