Crashing Down to Earth - A Fantasy Kindle Ebook by Terry Reid

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Glaswegian Hayley Foster talks to angels. In fact her roommate, Alexander, is her guardian angel. While his true identity remains a mystery to the rest of the world, it is something that continuously draws enemies of a supernatural nature to their door.
Although the pair are no strangers to fighting off demons, the return of Alexander’s old flame may well prove to be their biggest battle to date. With death dogging their heels and the city of Glasgow under threat, Hayley must learn to put aside her doubts and trust in friends both new and old if she and Alex are to stop mad fallen angel Marli. 

An adventure that take place across two worlds; join Hayley and Alex on a bitter winter battleground in the streets of Glasgow, and the more mysterious and haunting summer grasslands of Purgatory as they fight to save their own lives, as well as everyone they care about.
Crashing Down to Earth is the first part of a two part story. Book two is due out in 2014.