How to survive when the bottom drops out - kindle ebook only by JT Sather

I'm not a psychologist, social worker, guru, nor mad genius (that last one's debatable). I'm just a guy who's lived many lives, and learned how to enjoy them. This book was written for the purpose of entertainment, with an enlightening after-taste. What you take from it is entirely up to you. This is how I've survived the turbulence I've encountered throughout my flight, and the advice given is tongue in cheek, with some true heart sprinkled on top. If you love to love, and laugh, then you'll enjoy this read. The experiences you'll discover inside are my own, so don't you go judgin' me, now. Live your own life, and I'll offer you the same courtesy. I just want you to enjoy the days you have left on this rock, and wake up with a story now and then. If you don't have at least a few good ones, then what was the point? Here's how I did it, and will continue to do so, until I slide sideways and barrel roll into a casket.