Easy Mexican Cooking - Mexican Cooking Recipes Made Simple At Home by J. Mahoney

Amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/Easy-Mexican-Cooking-Recipes-ebook/dp/B00FO8GKRA

This book will be free on Amazon on October 29 and 30, 2013.

In Cooking Mexican: How to Cook With Authentic Mexican Recipes, you will get to taste the explosion of flavors that real Mexican food is so known for, in addition these recipes can be a blast to make!
Whether you are cooking for yourself, your family or just a group of friends, these recipes will impress anyone!

Inside this amazing cookbook, you will discover a brief history of Mexican Cuisine, including what savory cooking flavors and spices are used in real, authentic Mexican food.

And of course, you get some AMAZING recipes as well, including…
• Delicious Tacos (beef, steak, fish, and Tacos de Carne)!
• Flavorful Enchiladas (beef, chicken, shrimp, turkey and more)!
• Amazing Spanish Rice (to simply die for!)
• Irresistible Appetizers (dips, nachos, guacamole and more!)
• Fabulous Salsas (Habanero, Salsa Verde, Pico de Gall and more!)
• Scrumptious Salads (Chicken, Bean, Roasted Peppers)!
• Delectable Desserts (Flan, Bunuelos, Apple Enchiladas)!
Is your mouth watering yet?
Grab your copy right now and start cooking!
This is the Mexican Food you have been waiting to try!