The Book of Thoth - kindle ebook by Paul Leone

VAMPIRE, a term, apparently of Servian origin (wampir), originally applied in eastern Europe to blood-sucking ghosts, but in modern usage transferred to one or more species of bloodsucking bats inhabiting South America.

—Encyclop√¶dia Britannica, Eleventh Edition

In the shadows of our world, a war is being fought between the legions of Hell and the Catholic Church. In London, New York, and a hundred other cities, soldiers of the Church do battle with Hell's foot soldiers—vampires.

Vatican Vampire Hunters, a new series of Catholic urban fantasy, brings you to the front lines of this ancient war. 

The Book of Thoth, the second book in the series, continues the war as Nicole van Wyck, a rich Manhattan socialite, is drawn into the occult underworld of New York City just as a demonic plot decades in the making nears completion... and the destruction of the greatest city on Earth.

What happens when a young woman discovers that vampires are real — a supernatural cancer from the dawn of time?

She fights back.