Echoes from the Lost Ones - kindle ebook by Nicola J McDonagh

‘A story of trust and faith "Echoes from the Lost Ones" is an adventure that takes you to a time and place like no other.’

'Echoes from the Lost Ones' is an unsettling and mysterious vision of the future where animals are almost extinct, humans are subjugated by the sinister and secretive Agros, and nothing is as it seems.

‘Addictive and engrossing - It creates its own unique world where there's danger, and fear, and regret, but where there is a barrel load of humour, too.’

This is a coming of age tale with a difference. The inventive slang-derived language creates a fresh and dynamic style to create a truly compelling world.

In NotSoGreatBritAlbion there is hunger. Agros have cut supplies and children are going missing. Only one girl with a unique power can save them - Adara, Catcher of Birds.

When her brother, Deogol is snatched, 17-year-old Citydweller, Adara, embarks on a dangerous quest to find him. During her journey, Adara is kidnapped by lustful Woodsmales, befriends a Nearlyman, is attacked by ravenous wolfies, falls for a Clonie, and is helped by a S.A.N.T.  He takes her to the Monastery in the clouds where she discovers her true potential as a Bringer and powerful weapon.

Whilst in the Monastery, Adara is schooled by Brother Jude to perfect her vocal techniques, but there is something wrong. The Abbot is missing, folk move around in a dream-like trance, and monks and nuns harbour dark secrets. When Adara realisies that she is being kept from her mission, she tries to escape. But there are powers greater than hers, and she must use all her courage and skill to battle against evil forces to save herself and those she loves from being slaughtered by Agro spies.