Van Locken's Witch - a historical paranormal romance by Debbie Peterson

Kindle Free Book Days November 29 - December 1, 2013

Rand Van Locken, handsome, seventeenth century captain of the Rood Draeck has no idea what he's getting himself into when he discovers the lovely Lissa Capoen inside a dank cubby hole aboard the Spanish galleon. But then again, Lissa is no ordinary lady in distress, in dire need of assistance—not by a long shot.

Lissa Capoen is a witch with extraordinary abilities, and she's determined to rescue her sister, knowing full well that Margaretha is merely the bait the Spaniards are using to capture her. She knows that if Armando Manera and Lorenco de la Casas have their way, they will present her as the ultimate prize to their Spanish king. In return for this gift, her enemies expect to save a life in need of saving, and at the same time, elevate their status at court.

Together, Lissa and Rand embark a journey filled with romance, adventure, and magic. This journey will take them from the Bay of Matanzas, to San Juan, and finally to the Netherlands where Rand must find a way to claim the hand of the woman he loves. The daunting task proves far more difficult than the simple rescue of her sister.  For here, in the land of her ancestors, the captain must approach the ghost-wieven and somehow convince them that the love he feels for his "lovely lady witch" runs deep.