Familicide - kindle ebook by August Crumb

Family murders are the most common type of mass murder. Every year, people all over the world murder their spouse and children. Some even murder their parents, cousins, and grandchildren. These killers cannot be organized into one group, such as men, women, teens, or even any particular race, nationality, or income level. They often have no criminal history and no one who knew them ever expected them to harm anyone.
Familicide explores 11 family murders, how the victims were killed and possible motives. The most interesting known murder sprees are included, from Marcus Wesson to Elmer Crawford. Wesson named his children after vampires, made them sleep in antique coffins, and told them he was God. Crawford made it look as if his wife murdered their children and pushed them over a cliff.  Marty Bergen was a professional baseball player who killed his wife and children with an axe. Robert Fisher took out his family by strangling and shooting them, and is currently on the FBI's Most Wanted list. Ronald Gene Simmons murder fourteen of his family members, then drove to the nearest town and murdered two more people.
Read Familicide: Harrowing True Stories of Family Murders to find out how these evil killers think, murder, and why they do it.

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