Suicide City, a Love Story - kindle ebook by Julie Frayn

What do a sixteen year old farm girl fed up with her farm life and a seventeen year old homeless boy fighting heroin addiction and the urge to cut himself have in common? Nothing. And everything.

Suicide City, a Love Story is the tale of August and Reese. When August runs away from her parents’ farm and lands in the middle of the big city, Reese finds her in an alley, frightened and alone. He brings her into his street family, shares his home under the bridge, and teaches her how to survive. August must soon make choices that will change her forever. And finds she is falling in love. Reese is confused by his feelings for August, emotions he’s never experienced before. Will her love save him from himself? Or will his love ruin her life?

Suicide City is filled with realistic portrayals of teen homelessness, drug dependency, prostitution, and suicide. It’s all wrapped up in a sweet love story that never depresses despite the dark subject matter. Reviewers have called Suicide City heartfelt and touching, brutal and vivid, and a must read that is hard to forget.

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