Football is for Lovers - kindle ebook by Bob (Brooker) and Kaye (O'Dougherty)

Football is forever.  But how about your relationship? 

If you’re among the many couples who find that neither money matters nor infidelity is the source of conflict in your relationship, but rather good ‘ol American football, help is on the way.

Technically, of course, football season isn’t exactly forever, but the NFL schedule that runs from August pre-season through the February Super Bowl can sure make it seem that way.  Especially if one half of your couple sees football as life itself, while the other thinks it resembles a BOGO sale in Filene’s Basement.

Once upon a time, this seemed to be a problem without resolution.  Rather like the common cold.  Nagging, teeth gritting, battling over the TV clicker, tearful statements beginning with ‘if you loved me,’ a shot of vodka: they all seemed to make the situation even worse.

Thank goodness, now there’s Football is for Lovers, which explains the game of American football more painlessly than you would have believed possible.  This book not only simplifies the apparent mayhem into the easily-grasped concept of checkers-on-grass, but also gives you enough esoteric football tidbits to make you sound like the smartest attendee at any football-watching party.

But wait.  There’s more.  Football is for Lovers also shows you how to use football viewing to spice up your relationship.  That’s right: it raises the couple experience from endurance to delight  for the BOGO gang, and for the ‘football is life’ brigade, from defensive to downright jubilant.  Yes, it’s that good.