Diviner's Prophecy - a Kindle ebook by Nicolette Andrews


The fate of the kingdom rests on the shoulders of one woman. All she has to do to prevent the destruction of everything she holds dear is it to unravel a dire prophecy before it comes to fruition. It is the prophecy she foretold and the prophecy she has forgotten. 

Maea is entangled in a spell which has taken away not only her memories of her past but a prophecy which could alter the very future of her kingdom. She can only remember the feeling of the sorcerer’s hands around her neck before she lost everything. In order to stop the cataclysmic prophecy in time, Maea must discover the man who took away her memories. Her powers to see into the future are powerless against the spell and she must use her own instincts to find the truth.

However, Maea is bound by both the spell and her captors who try to keep her from pursuing the man who took away her memories.  At court, Maea searches for allies who can free her from her bondage, while fearing being caught and the retribution it would bring.  

Behind the glittering masks of the courtiers she befriends there often lays a venomous snake waiting to strike. There are few people she can trust and without a past, Maea needs all the help she can get.  If Maea hopes to save the kingdom, she must out smart her captors and wade through the dangerous waters of political intrigue before it is too late.