From Green to Blue - Kindle ebook by Jonathan Cox

Read the book that is sweeping the offices and corridors of Scotland Yard!

If you want an experience that excites your senses with its honesty then take the roller coaster with PC Chris Pritchard  from the lonely na├»ve new bobby on the beat, puppy walked through the hidden curriculum of 80s policing, desperately looking to belong.  See him grow and watch as he loses his innocence to the sometimes brutal reality that morals and standards can not survive as rigid structures, they are forced to bend like palm trees in a hurricane. He is compelled to compromise by 'drawing a line in the sand'  beneath personal integrity.

This is the most accurate account of policing in London ever written. It will shock you, but it will also make you think as the author challenges the reader to have acted differently.

From Green to Blue is written by one that was there, a recently retired Scotland Yard Detective Inspector.