Difficult People a Practical Guide to Dealing With the 10 Main Types - Kindle Ebook by Kimberly Mathews


Difficult People... If you haven't yet had the unfortunate situation of being in the company of such a person, before you leave this planet, you more than likely will. And, as patient and understanding as we may try to be, they have that nagging ability to pull all the wrong strings.

You probably know a few types already... for example, the person who always has the answer to a problem but doesn't even know what the problem is, and when he's stumped he'll ask for advice, BUT never agrees with it anyway. Or the really nice, yes type person, you know the type, they say yes to everything (OK whats wrong with that I hear you say) But these type of difficult people can be so infuriating, they'll do almost anything to avoid confrontations or upsetting anyone, not good in a team situation, especially when you need everyone's input, good or bad.

This book was purposely written with brevity in mind, but I wanted to make it.... well, basically an easy read, but informative as well. With a little practice, this one-stop resource guide offers practical techniques and strategies, that you can implement in your daily routine to help you address and handle those difficult people.