Images in Scripture, an illustrated approach to prayer by Maggi O

Images in scripture an illustrated approach to prayer is a fun book
created for people who are interested in using art, writing,
photography, or other creative means to strengthen their prayer life.
The book aims to help readers get in touch with their creative side
and delve closer into scripture. The book is a beautifully illustrated
work book divided into themes and is designed to be read as a single
application. This means that you can start the book from whatever
point you wish as each theme is stand alone.

Readers are encouraged to engage by developing their own visual
interpretation from scriptures that speak to their heart individually.
This is a wonderful uplifting and encouraging way to draw closer to
the Lord in prayer, contemplative art creations, and makes a great
gift idea for those that are artistically inclined. The other great
thing about this book is that you do not have to be an artist to enjoy
this book all you really need is to simply relax, have fun and be
prepared to experience a new dimension to your prayer life.

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