Journey to a Fresh Start, Releasing the Junk...Revealing the Jewels Kindle e-book by Janice G Pettigrew

Free Download Tuesday October 22 and Wednesday October 23
This is one woman's story of forgiveness and healing after the devastating events of gang-rape at 13 and later 2 abusive marriages. It is told with brutal honesty and wit.  From the very first page you are drawn into the journey of the writer and are able to visualize the events that eventually molded her to be the person she is today. “Joyous Janice”, as she’s known allows you to see into her deepest fears but also her greatest triumphs. Never filled with self-pity it exemplifies the struggle it takes for her to once again learn to love and trust in a world filled with bad intentions. Determined to be the best person she could be Janice takes the lumps life has dealt her to rediscover her inner strength and beauty. You will laugh with her when she experiences an intimate conversation with Mr. Toilet and smile when she finally meets Mr. Right and giggle with glee as she experiences many wonderful firsts that do not cause pain.
As you travel the journey with the writer you will bear witness to the healing as well as the culmination of a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women and teens design their own “Fresh Start” journeys.
Journey to a Fresh Start, Releasing the Junk…Revealing the Jewels will lift your spirits and encourage any reader that they too can have a “Fresh Start”.