Murder Once Removed - kindle ebook by Roz Russell

The truth can set you free…or get you killed
- is the prime lesson of the new mystery novel MURDER ONCE REMOVED by first time author, Roz Russell. 

In her new book, Russell uses the locale of New Mexico to paint a thrilling picture of murder and intrigue that will keep readers guessing until the very end.  The story begins at a daily newspaper in Albuquerque, NM, where newsroom editor Bill Kerner tells investigative reporter Jessica Curtis that her mentor, another investigative reporter named Joe Taylor, is missing.  Taylor was investigating the murder of Michael Lange, a wealthy art dealer from Santa Fe whose case remained unsolved for the last three years.  When it turns out that Albuquerque homicide detective Paul Liguori is investigating Joe Taylor’s disappearance, Jessica Curtis knows something is very wrong, and is convinced that his case is connected to Michael Lange’s murder. 

When Joe’s body turns up the next day, Jessica feels a desperate need to find out what happened, and tells her editor that she wants to take over the story.  Editor Bill Kenner is against it…but Jessica manages to convince him to give her the assignment, which sets up a series of events that will push her deeper and deeper into the mystery surrounding Michael Lange’s and her mentor’s deaths.  She keeps digging, revealing truth after dangerous truth…even after she receives a threatening note that marks her as the next potential murder victim, if she doesn’t give up the case. 

Jessica then learns more about Michael Lange, the murdered high profile art dealer who had dirt on every friend and foe in town – and wasn’t afraid to use it to his advantage.  His antics created a number of enemies, and each character becomes suspect in their own way, as Jessica examines their motive, opportunity, and the potential payoff of these murders.  From Senator Bryan Richie and his powerful underling Miles Crenshaw, to brilliant artist Nicholas Adoni, a possible culprit who Jessica is intimately drawn to, the major players all have reasons for going through with these murders. 

As the tension and body count rises, Jessica must solve the case before she becomes the next victim. A first-rate page turner that builds momentum with almost unbearable suspense, Roz Russell’s debut novel delivers a captivating look at how just one act can fatefully influence everything that follows.