Kingsman's Wood - Historical fiction Kindle ebook by Len Seaver

Kingsman's Wood is available for free on Amazon from 10/30/13 - 11/1/13.

“This is a magical place, Kingsman’s Wood.” So proclaims Harold Covington, the proud master of the large plantation in the fertile red hills of antebellum Florida. But how and why Harold became wealthy are secrets that he ruthlessly guards at the expense of all else.

To all things there is a cost, and the cost to maintain these secrets has driven Harold’s wife, Mariah, to madness. Now they’re forcing his illegitimate son, Jessup, to question his own memories, and they’re pushing his grown daughter, Elizabeth, to find the truth in order to save them all.

To Elizabeth, Kingsman’s Wood is a cursed place until she can expose the truth, drive out all that is wicked, and atone for sins that allowed the family to prosper.

But as the Civil War escalates and their lives unravel, she and Jessup must first overcome their fear of the consequences. For despite the terrible nature of Harold’s secrets, they are also the source of the family’s wealth, power, and prestige.

From the wilds of Florida to the slums of New York, Kingsman’s Wood is a story that pits redemption against preservation, courage against complicity, and persistence against the safety of silence. Some secrets are too dangerous to expose, and the more Elizabeth and Jessup discover, the more they learn that there will be a cost to lift the curse of Kingsman’s Wood.

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