Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother - kindle ebook by Mare Cromwell

Woeful Sarah meets Earth Mother on the trail in the mountains and the adventures start from there. Earth Mother heals Sarah and convinces her that Mother does exist. There is a magical squirrel named Mr. Tufts. And a Sacred Grove where Earth Mother and Sarah then meet weekly. And all sorts of funny and profound messages that Earth Mother gives Sarah to share with the rest of the world. Messages about Facebook and Twit-Twitting, Soul Contracts, Earth Mother’s really lousy jokes, and a journey into the future beyond the conflicts and oil spills and chemical contaminations of today—a beautiful future for tomorrow.

Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother was the 2013 Winner in the Indie Excellence Green Living category. It also was a Finalist in the Spirituality category and Finalist within ForeWord Magazine’s 2013 Book of the Year Nature Category. Readers are raving about it as it provokes a new perception of our glorious Planet (an ancient perception within indigenous cultures). The book encourages readers to realize it’s time to Love our Earth. Reverence for the Sacredness is the path to our future. And maybe, just maybe Earth Mother does exist. Sarah believes.