Pink whale adventure - a children's book by Uros Ustar

Do your kids love the SEA, PIRATES, WHALES and ADVENTURE? Then read on.

When my 5 years son Kayt run out of the fairy tales on our holiday I have to do something. I have to use my imagination and come up with one of my own.
Since I have written and drawn almost all my life, it wasn't an issue what to do. So the holidays ended with a bunch of stories that my son loved. We even invented new dwarfs and magic spells which will be introduced in a new special series that is coming soon.
But here's the FIRST that I put on a paper and drew some illustrations for. A story about two siblings who meet a BIG PINK WHALE and spend the whole day discovering life UNDER THE SEA and a PIRATE island with him.
Before publishing I gave the story to some friends who works in a kindergarten and primary school to see if the kids love the story. The result was amazing.  The kids really liked it and they drew illustrations that I include in the book. The illustrations of the kids from kindergarten add a special touch.

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