Rescued - inspirational fiction Kindle e-book by Trudy Samsill

Book one of Alaska's Aleutian Island Series, RESCUED is about an Aleutian young woman, Rose, who is seeking to find out who she really is.  Knowing there are questions to her identity, Rose begins wondering about her differences. But her questioning is interrupted when her brother and his friends make choices that bring harm to her Island's village and their families.
Haunted by dreams and his own life's questions, Gabe, an Amercian missionary, along with his missionary parents travel to Datka Island, in the Aleutian Island chain, to bring aid and relief to their Aleutian Indian friends.  

Relationships spark as the missionaries and Aleutians reconnect and help is brought to the suffering Island village.  

This is the first book in a 3 book series that will leave readers from teens to older adults waiting for the next continuing novel.  Readers will fall in love with the Aleutians and Americans alike as they discover hope in mankind and faith in God between its pages.