Outcall - collection of true sexy short stories by Brittney Luv

The mind blowing sexual adventures of Phoenix Fantasy Consultant Brittney Luv. For the last twenty years I made the sexual fantasies of others come true. This is my collection of true sexy short stories. I invite you to live vicariously through me as you read what goes on behind closed doors in the underground sex scene in modern day Phoenix Arizona.
Warning, all fantasies are told in graphic detail.
So get ready to laugh, cry, get pissed off and pissed on.
Welcome to my world,

I was mesmerized by this story. It is an unpolished, raw, as-it-happened sexcapade. The language is blunt but perfect. It’s funny and sexy and crude at the same time. I learned quite a few terms. I wish I could write a few of the more memorable ones here but I fear Amazon would suspend my account faster than Twitter.

I loved it. It was an easy, fun book to read.