The Omega Paradox - kindle ebook by Richard Kellier

Free 1st & 2nd Nov. 2013

'The Omega Paradox' is a scientific mystery on a collision course with occult and religious beliefs. Something new walks the face of the Earth, some believe he is a new type of human, a new phase in evolution. Others believe he is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - the New Messiah.

Whichever belief system is held there is no denying that humanity has changed - forever.

Events culminate in the ultimate battle between good and evil – played out at one of mankind's most sacred religious locations – and a revelation for all humanity.

Be warned: All is not what it seems. Could the Second Coming of Jesus Christ be revealed in ancient prophecy? Are the unfolding events a perversion of New Age beliefs? Or has evolution produced a new type of human?



I couldn't put it down! Can't wait for future books. Really makes you want to find out what's real, theory, or fiction. Very well written. No filler stories or background fluff. Don't mind missing a night of sleep for a book like this!


Loved this book, really original plot and I shall certainly be first in line for the second book by this author.