Suicide Ride: The Platinum Man - Kindle Ebook by E. Llewellyn

If you liked Sunset Boulevard, you’ll love SUICIDE RIDE, a thoroughly modern update of this age-old Hollywood noir tale of love, money, ambition, sex, and power—with a wicked twist!  SUICIDE RIDE is Sunset Boulevard revisited, revamped, and on steroids!

“SUICIDE RIDE is a harrowing contemporary 21st-century tale set in Perdition that sings of Paradise Lost, Regained, and Lost Again, told in rapturous music that soars to the rafters and bounces off the beams of heaven.  The writing is technically virtuous, worthy, in its brooding way, of Billy Wilder at his black-and-white best.”

Are you straight?  Are you sure?  What would you do if you were down-and-out and desperate?  What would you do—how far would you go—for FAME?

Find out just how far, and just how low, Johnny Gellis is willing to go in SUICIDE RIDE: THE PLATINUM MAN (Book One of the SUICIDE RIDE series).

"E. Llewellyn ... does for Gay literature what Kubrick did for cinema—redefines and elevates, and constantly undercuts your expectations of the genre, making believers out of blowhards. Unfettered, unflinching, bristling with emotion, she rocks your world."  ~ Mark Peter Krasselt, author of Kubrick: Lessons of a Sentient

You hitch your lift with this man
You'll have your blood on your hand


Norman Dimond is the Silver Man, an over-the-hill LA-based rock 'n roll record producer who has seen better days. A set-for-life bisexual with a hard spot for younger men, he squanders his nights hustling cash-strapped gay-for-pay desperadoes who swagger into his den on the Sunset Strip, looking for one-off love in all the right places. Lonely and at loose ends, he longs for a worthy dance partner, but despairs of finding him … Until one night, when he least expects it, in waltzes …


Johnny Gellis is the Platinum Man, a beautiful straight wreck who needs fixing—and who wants exactly what Norman Dimond has to give: a platform, a stage. But does he want it badly enough? Desperate to outrun his demons, he's driving himself crazy, and is heading straight for the edge. Can Norman save him, before it's too late?


When Norman meets Johnny, their heavy-metal fenders bend, sending the male-on-male sparks flying. Johnny's number-one-with-a-bullet hit "Suicide Ride" blows Norman's mind, while his number-99-with-an-anchor tattoo pricks up more than just his ears. And though this hell-bent, cliff-hanging headbanger is the man-boy of his dreams, keeping him on course turns out to be a waking nightmare. Can Norman do it? Can he put him on top while stopping him from breaking down and destroying them both? The deeper Dimond digs, the darker it gets; and as the secrets and suspense multiply, so, too, do the lies. Johnny is hiding something, that much Norman is sure of; and what's worse, he begins to feel the tug of even darker and ever more violent undertows—sinister, malevolent drags that Gellis himself cannot spin-rinse away.

SUICIDE RIDE is at once a profound work of literature and a neo-noir Hollywood bromance for the ages. Gay fiction as well as literary fiction, it's one fast-paced rock 'n roll romance novel you won't be able to put down, a gritty, realistic, eye-poppingly pimped-out Ride, flush with all the car parts for a runaway success. Switching genres like lanes, SUICIDE RIDE: THE PLATINUM MAN is a total head spin—an ebullient, erudite, yet racy exploration of the ancient themes that obsess us, by way of the pop culture freeway.

Whether you’re male or female, gay or straight—if you get off on bisexual sex stories about masculine gay men seeking gay sex with straight men; if character-driven literary fiction makes you drool; if you're a bad-ass rocking roller looking to holler; if all you dream about is getting away for awhile—then this book is your ticket to paradise.
Download him onto your Kindle or other device, and for less than the price of a cheap trick, Johnny Gellis will roll right into your Car-port. Pick him up now—and you'll live to tell the tale …

But buyer beware: Better buckle up … You're in for one hell of a HARD Ride!


E. LLEWELLYN is an American-born expatriate writer living in London and Berlin, and is the author of the Hollywood neo-noir series SUICIDE RIDE, including THE PLATINUM MAN and the forthcoming sequels THE FIX and THE HIT.