The Chronicles of Ironhelm: Angel of Iron - Kindle Ebook by TK Shideler

Starting out as a humble zombie survival novel written for friends, TK Shideler’s Chronicles of Ironhelm depicts the end (and subsequently the beginning) of humanity in a fantastic, futuristic realm where the lines of religion and reality, and fate and fiction, become blurred. A full millennium has passed since the World-Eater came to earth and brought its demonic Inferi minions with it. After its defeat at the hands of the Saints, humanity has scratched out their survival in a land of ash, rock, and sand, all the while battling the ever-increasing number of Inferi that hunger for their destruction. With their only hope of survival resting on the shoulders of the Descendants --and their blood-ties to the departed god-like champions known as the Saints-- mankind teeters on the brink of destruction; assaulted by monsters from the outside, and the demons of lesser men within. In this introduction to the Chronicles of Ironhelm universe, Angel of Iron takes us across the vast land of Ironhelm, the Great Fortress-City of Ironhold, and shows us the world after the World-Eater’s devastating apocalyptic alterations to the earth. This is the first in a serial fiction that will present readers with a universe that challenges their favorite characters with obstacles that would make anyone quit, and the series in itself sends a simple but powerful message:
Never. Give. Up.