Two-Faced Woman (Gabriel's World) - Kindle ebook by A.R. Fiano

It’s time for new heroes, and in Two-Faced Woman, these heroes come to the forefront in the second book in the Gabriel's World Mystery/Thriller/LGBT series. Gabriel Ross is a strong brilliant, intuitive private investigator in New York City. Gabriel’s cases take him to dangerous places internally and in the real world. On behalf of his clients, he seeks justice while risking his license, freedom, and life.
 In this story, he's undergoing severe psychological trauma from events during the previous summer (detailed in the first book, The Hanged Man), while he immerses himself in the cased of two special women. Sophie Faulkner, a woman with a second personality, has been falsely accused of murder. Geneva Lennon, a transgender woman, is searching for her true birth identity. While working to help these women, Gabriel also attempts to reclaim his spirituality and deal with his star-crossed relationships. His boyfriend Alex trying to change him and make him quit his profession. Gabriel's loyal ex-boyfriend Joel is helping and protecting Gabriel on these cases, and he may convince Gabriel he’s the love of Gabriel’s life. Two-Faced Woman is set in duality: two loves, two clients, two states (New York and New Jersey), two realms (dreams and reality), and mixing the spiritual and the physical. And the danger is double-downed with two brutal criminals who will make Gabriel face his biggest risk yet—what he has to be in order to take them on.
Gabriel’s World offers a compelling community of characters, in stories that explore the extremes and complexity of good and evil.