Blooms on the Bones, Flynn's Crossing Series Book Five - kindle ebook by Yvonne Kohano

Old bones, predestined love, and troubled adversaries clash as an unlikely relationship soars to conquer the spirit world.  The story of Tess and Powers is heating up Main Street!

“Kohano always finds a way to reinvent herself and her writing, and fans new and old will love this addition to the Flynn’s Crossing series.  It’s loaded with heart and hope, with an underlying lesson we should all learn: believe!  Readers will adopt the author’s love of gardening, which blooms beautifully throughout this tense story, and find that she includes the Native American flair delicately yet honorably and significantly.”
-- 4 stars from RT Book Reviews, September 2013

I draw my inspiration for Flynn’s Crossing from the beautiful northern California foothills I live in, and every day, something presents me with a new idea.  Whether it’s an engaging story a friend relates or a perfect sunset, the spirit and energy feed my creative juices and help me bring my complex characters in their compelling stories to you.  For this book in particular, my Master Gardener status and my husband’s Native American roots were useful in adding both color and contrast to this fictional world.

Tess Willowspring is a character who’s been on my mind since before I began writing this series.  And when Powers Ashland appeared in the first book as the meddling older brother of her best friend’s boyfriend, I knew he was her perfect match.  His need to save the world comes across as controlling to her.  The riskiness of her spirit world brings out his worst fears.  Why wouldn’t they fall in love?  Enjoy your time on Main Street in Flynn’s Crossing, and please leave a review on your favorite review website to let me know how you like it!