With Paws and Kisses - Funny letters by Lolo, the Dog kindle ebook by Ilona Bulazel

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"With Paws and Kisses - Funny letters by Lolo, the Dog" is no self-help book for dogs, but a collection of funny stories about the life of a mixed-breed dog named Lolo. In her letters to her friend Emilie, a black French bulldog, Lolo tells us about her little adventures, which she experiences in the human world. Of course these are told from her point of view, which differs a tiny, marginal bit from that of her human pack. 

Lolo tells us about her impressions and experiences in her life with her humans, and comments on them accordingly. The reader will, for example, see the visit at the vet, a holiday trip, and encounters with other dogs from the point of view of a dog. Thus it can happen that human normality doesn´t appear quite as normal anymore.

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