Dark Messages - kindle ebook by Daniel J. Weber

A short story collection of horrific fantasy, or fantastic horror.
What do you do when the past sneaks into the present, when memories are spinning around in your head, and there is no means of escape? Do you want to step out into a different pair of shoes, walk a different life, escape from the pain? Perhaps you are chained against your will, forced to watch your own death as it unfolds. When the past bleeds, those wounds of old crack open - from scars, to scabs, to open cuts - what do you do?
Life effects everyone in different ways. We all have a past, and sometimes it is dark, but what about the present? What about the future? Dark Messages is a collection of short stories that deals primarily with self-esteem issues. Come with me. Walk with me. Read with me. How will the characters in Dark Messages cope? What messages will reach for them from the darkness? Will they slap away those ghostly hands, taking control of the present, or let the hands define their fate, haunt them, destroy them slowly from within?
Discover the messages hidden in the dark.