Broken Buckets - kindle ebook by Tamera du Trieux

Du Trieux had to publish Broken Buckets as an eBook. Traditional publishers are afraid of the subject and think readers are afraid to read of it. Which was precisely why she wrote it. A contemporary thriller, this novel looks at the way we live. is a subject we need to explore, to look at from a a variety of perspectives, to examine in the dark and in the light. It is just one narrative of how gun violence in our schools can happen. It looks at the role we all play when tragedy strikes in a public place. It champions soldiers and teachers, who serve our society.

     An Iraqi war vet comes home and is thought to be fine. A first year school teacher grieving her mother is thought to be fine. The two meet and begin dating. What could possibly go wrong? This is the story of just another day in America, but it is one of those days that we never forget, that we should have seen coming but didn’t, and it begs the inevitable question...why?

      One reviewer said, "The author has handled the topic with elan. She has given a lot of importance to each character and given vivid descriptions so that they remain in our hearts long after the book is finished. The language is elegant and beautiful. The descriptions are soft and gentle, giving the book an appealing aura. Books like this make us more compassionate and gracious."