Dead On Arrival - Kindle Ebook by Paul Oluikpe

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Ochomma is an African tribal village hero, who had seen the good and bad sides of life. His life is suddenly turned upside down, by a coup and counter-coup in the country's capital, far away from his village. His peaceful village life is upstaged by a chain of events which eventually culminated in a civil war. Thousands of his tribesmen are killed by mobs in the north, and their bodies arrive back to the village, causing quite a stir. Refugees displaced by the crisis also find their way home to tell the tales of woe. Emotions run high and this leads to the secession of the Eastern region from Nigeria, with a new name, Biafra. Ochomma finds himself and his family caught in this crisis. His half-brother, a soldier, goes off to war, never to return. His only son, Chibuike, escapes attempts to conscript him as a child soldier. Incidentally, Ochomma kills Sochi his brother in the night, in a mysterious case of mistaken identity, although it was well known that Ochomma never liked him, because he was 'good for nothing'. He had killed quite a number of people in the past, but this one killing changed him, especially as he covered it up to protect his mother from grief and to also avoid banishment from the clan. As the war progressed, with its attendant devastation, hunger and betrayal, Ochomma's village relocates to a refugee camp, but he refuses to leave his compound. His mother's eventual death makes him change his mind. Was this for better or for worse?