Shades of Pearl by Arianne Richmonde

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"If you enjoyed Fifty Shades or Bared to You, you will LOVE this book. The characters are  realistic & lovable. You will be hooked on this series." 

"The best romance series I have read to date."
---Megan Cain Lorea

#1 Amazon Bestseller.

'There is one regret I have about reading this series--that I waited so long to read it' 
--Nelle L'Amour bestselling author of Undying Love.
Pearl Robinson, is a beautiful and smart documentary producer. She's forty, divorced and single and hasn't even had a date for over two years. She has given up on love.

When she hears about Alexandre Chevalier, a young French, Internet billionaire, she assumes he's a geek who wears a hoodie and keeps pet rats in his bedroom. How wrong she is! She bumps into him face to face and is stunned by his charm, beauty and sophistication, and startled by her strong feelings and desire for a man fifteen years her junior.
His looks, wealth and worldwide triumph with his social media site, HookedUp, means he can get any woman he chooses, but there is something about Pearl he finds irresistible...

The couple begins a passionate affair and Pearl's body is awakened in ways she never imagined possible. She is consumed by him and his magical touch. But dark secrets, jealous family members and other external forces are threatening to pull them apart.

This is a full-length novel (71,000 words) #1 of a series--all 5 books released. #2 Shadows of Pearl, #3 Shimmers of Pearl, #4 Pearl, and #5 Belle Pearl.